RiddleCube The Game

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RiddleCube The Game

A Mind-Bending, Shape-Shifting Race! RiddleCube will turn your family into a pack of shape shifters.

"I’ve found my new go-to birthday gift! RiddleCube is a great game, the kind you can easily pick up for a few minutes or an hour, on your own or with a group, whether you want to keep score or just do a few rounds for fun. My 9-year-old was immediately attracted to its tactile nature, and my 4-year-old loved inventing her own versions of the shapes we were attempting." — Christa Bartlett

Mr. Fleischer, comes full circle with his "Cube" from his earliest days of inventing 35 years ago, by re-launching his original invention "Polygonzo Stretch-Toy" now "RiddleCube…The Game"… social media reviews and pics are beginning to grow and glow as players get hooked competing to be the first to solve each of the Initial 200 design challenges

As an imaginator, in addition to his own stuff, his company RoyaltyPros Licensing represents top level inventors as well as nostalgic brands such as, "Barrel of Monkeys","FLOAM" and others.