Mr. Fleischer, comes full circle with his “Cube” from his earliest days of inventing 35 years ago, by re-launching his original invention “Polygonzo Stretch-Toy” now “RiddleCube…The Game”… social media reviews and pics are beginning to grow and glow as players get hooked competing to be the first to solve each of the Initial 200 design challenges

in addition to his own stuff, his company RoyaltyPros Licensing represents top level inventors as well as nostalgic brands such as,  “Barrel of Monkeys” and “FLOAM” and “The Big Piano” from the Tom Hanks Movie “BIG”…


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Educational Insights successful launch this year of “RiddleCube…The Game” based on Howard Fleischer’s “Polygonzo Stretch-Cube” created 35 years ago has brought him full circle in the Toy business!

As a nascent inventor trying to break into the toy industry during the 80’s he learned very quickly that without personal connections getting in a door to present a new idea was almost impossible.

Polygonzo Stretch-Cube

Unfortunately, the avenue of using a Toy Agent was fraught with much risk…of the few that existed, many charged huge up front fee’s just to take on a product, with usual royalty splits of 60/40 in favor of the agent! If the lone inventor decided to go this route, they may not get a proper accounting, and under certain contracts, over time would forfeit all rights to their invention in favor of the agent!

So Howard decided to go “Rogue” and find a way on his own! He got lucky after the NY Times did a brief “Style Maker” article on his new invention, and landed a 1989 father’s day launch of his cube at Saks 5th Ave…where he sold out 300 handmade “stress relieving” Stretch Cubes!

Polygonzo Stretch-Cube Sizzle



The following year he licensed his unique toy with Nasta Industries and hasn’t looked back! Press continued to flourish for him with articles written in the Robb Report, US Air magazine, Newsday, etc as well as some TV appearances on CNN, CNBC, ABC inflight news, etc.

With the success of licensing his own item, people started to reach out to him to see if he would help them do the same thing. As a result Howard became one of a new breed of Toy and Game licensing agents, upholding the highest standards of fair dealings with all parties. He has since placed hundreds of products worldwide.

One of his most notable deals was Scrabble Slam card game with Hasbro several years ago, which sold 3 million decks in the first year! Hasbro touted the success as their most successful game introduction in the history of the company!

Howard’s company RoyaltyPros Licensing continues to represent top level inventors worldwide as well as being the Agent for Nostalgic brands such as Barrel of Monkey’s, Floam, and the “BIG PIANO” brand from the movie “BIG”!

After 35 years, seeing his creation being launched as a completely new “off the table” game concept has certainly given him great satisfaction as he comes full circle with his little cube!


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